Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgot to mention we got comp tickets to Blue Man group, very fun! Plus we sat next to some buyers from New Zealand, they have my card so hopefully we will hear from them!

I wanted to mention a finger print of God. I met a security guard on the first day of set up, his name is Joe and he made me feel like a movie star every day! Not only did he watch my luggage for me while I looked around for my booth and workers, he greeted me with a smile and a compliment every day. I am posting a picture that he took of me with our poster from the Innovation Awards. I really should have gotten a pic of him, he boosted my moral when I was the most tired. Hope to see him next year to tell him what an encouragement he was to me!

As I came home on the airplane, I reflected on the whirl wind of a week I had. Meeting so many new people, new accounts, stretching my sales ability as well as learning more about running a business. Vegas is really not my kind of town. I feel the oppression of the vices taking hold of so many people, I prayed for them, I prayed for this town. I talked to everyone I could and asked them why they were living in Vegas, many surprising answers some just searching for something to fill the void in their heart.......Jesus. I hope that the conversations I had the opportunity to have and the words that I shared, will not return void, that these individuals will have felt God's hand and His words from his daughter.

I have to say that I was more than excited to see my wonderful husband. You see, nine years ago, well almost 10. Russ was suppose to pick me up from the airport at my gate (before Sep 11, 2001) as I was coming home from Alaska. We were dating and were pretty serious about each other. I was so excited to see him and have our first reunion at an airport. I remember watching couples reuniting and I couldn't wait for that to be me!
As I walked down the ramp to the gate, my anticipation began to grow and I felt soooo emotional. I could not wait to jump in his arms and kiss him.......a lot! (PG rating)
As I looked around, I did not see him, was he hiding? Did he forget? Did he remember my flight number or airlines? I sat and waited......and waited......and waited. I finally called him at his house and he answered the phone groggy and startled. I WOKE Him up!! He over slept, his alarm did not go off. I want to rewind and tell you that I told Russ on the phone he did not have to pick me up. It was early in the morning and I would call him when I got home. But he insisted on picking me up, several times!!
So now I was at baggage claim picking up my bags and very disappointed. Russ came in his sweats and was so apologetic, he even told me of his plans to bring a big bouquet of flowers to greet me with and he was bummed that his plans fell through. I wish I could say it was the thought that counted, but not so much.

I tell you this story because Russ insisted at picking me up at the airport last night. So I have to admit that I was hopeful he would be there (not at the gate of course) but that he would be there and with flowers......was I disappointed? Again? As I came down the escalators to the baggage claim there he was with a dozen pink roses and a huge grin from ear to ear. He had made it, maybe 10 years in the making, but he was there....with my roses. He held me close and I will spare you the details on that! As I looked to my right, there were people standing with a banner and balloons that said, "Congratulations Lindsay!" I began to cry.....of course! My friends Ashley and Julie were there with their kiddlies and they all clapped, it was such a home coming. I tear up just thinking of it! They are my newest close friends and the bond we share I believe comes partly from reading a book called Wild at Heart together and I love them like my sisters!
I look forward to living life together and encouraging one another on this crazy journey of sisterhood, motherhood and friendship.

Another highlight was walking into the house and watching my boys running to me with giddy smiles say Mommy!!! My momma is home! big bear hugs and lots of kisses. It is good to be home!

I want to thank everyone for your emails, phone calls and of course trips to the airport! Thank you for your support in this dream and the makings of it becoming reality.

It is so good to be home I'll say it again! The picture post is at dinner at the Spag Factory tonight and I enjoyed Hudson as he got sauce and noodles all over his me, like I said it is good to be home!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Okay so the show has been pretty awesome and I am still overwhelmed with all of the new people who love the Bibbie's! I need to go home and purchase a map of the US or of the world and start placing little flag pins in all the new states and countries that we now have accounts with. We are so excited but realize the amount of work ahead is going to be crazy. Thankfully I am at peace because I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Thank you Lord for all of your provision and blessings, I ask for your strength to push forward.

I am highlighting some photos of the show, my new friends, booth and innovation award.

Looking forward to the next chapter of this adventure!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And the winner is.......

I woke up this morning thinking, "oh my word, I actually slept for eight hours in a strange place alone and I feel great"! I got ready to go to the convention center for the press conference this morning before the show opens. You see we were selected to be one of 130 finalist for the Innovation of the year awards. They are voted on by media reps, wholesale reps and retail owners.

As I entered the room my stomach started to ache, I saw that the ten winning products were covered by black cloth and I didn't see a form that looked like mine. I told Rachel who was sitting next to me that it was nice to at least be nominated. They began to announce the winners a food processor that cooks as it blends, a new Madela pump that you can wear on your hip, a tripped out stroller, some high tech baby monitors and then out of the blue I heard them say: and the winner is....The Lindsay Loo Company, I looked up and there was our product being showcased and people were applauding. I jumped up and squealed yay! I walked up to the platform where the president of the JPMA handed me my ribbon, and took a picture in front of the official banner. Then he handed me a beautiful glass etched award shook my hand and I said yay, thank you! As I sat down the president commented that it was nice to have an enthusiastic award winner and that he was very happy for us! I know I can be a cheese ball but it was my genuine reaction.

I had many media reps tell me they wanted an interview for their various magazines. How cool is that? They blew up a picture of our Bibbie's and placed the photo by the front entrance to the show. I still can't believe we are one of the winners! Another winning product company told me they submitted 6 years in a row and this was the first time they had won. I feel blessed and hopeful that this thing will fly. Here's to hopin and prayin!

Thank you to all of my friends for your help, support and mostly your prayers. Even though I arrived here alone, I felt like you were all with me, thank you I am so grateful you are all in my life!

Alice down the rabbit hole!

The journey began with a smooth trip from Portland to Vegas with only 4 hours of sleep, no breakfast, three checked bags and two carry on bags. Once I arrived to Vegas (it was 105 degrees) and had to run all over the airport to get to the rental car office only to find I had lost my drivers license. No license = no car rental....bummer! I got into a taxi and began to cry, the taxi driver said, "It's okay baby girl don't cry." He was a big black man who was so nice and didn't mention once how freaky it was that I had sooooo much luggage.

Once at the hotel they said I could stay as long as I had the credit card I held my reservations with, thank the Lord I did! After getting to my room I called my mom to see if she could get some photo ID to me this week so I could get back home on Friday. As soon as I said hi, the flood gates of an emotionally fatigued starving and sweaty freakness were unleashed. My mom felt bad that she wasn't there to comfort me, but she said, get something to eat, freshen up and everything will be okay. I will bring your passport when I come on Tue and the Lord is with you. He is going to bless your efforts and satan is trying to bring you down, don't let him!

My mom rocks! I did everything she said, plus I thanked the Lord that I still had my wallet. I grabbed a few items and my display for the New Product showcase and media room materials.

One of the college girls that is helping at the show, met me at the convention center and we put the booth together in a 110 degree building. We got light headed several times and had to go out in the lobby to cool off, grab some water and head back into the hot hole.

I think the booth turned out pretty well I will take some updated pics to post soon!